Probably a friend magazine of (the end of the service) appears in the Summer Comic market.Since I participated in a word there, I hope you see it.

Although I am a general participant, I go.


eizi2002 is my different handle name

I am not good at speaking anything except Japanese

This site also made full use of translation.

I am sorry if I can not read it.


Leies-Profile(from (the end of the service))


I am Leies.

I am a high school grade

I am a meimei(GitHub and Misskey:@mei23) fanatic.

I get somewhat of HTML5 and MovableType(?).

Phantasy Star Online 2 player and belongs to ship 4 (ansuru).

I can appear when I am free in the morning or at midnight.

Thank you.


Are doing

・Operation of Misskey on a server installed at home

・Blog using MovableType

・Create a modified MisskeyBot(ia)

Want to do

・Participation in Misskey development (issues or something)

・Create a better site