CMDR:Akina Leies


Motto The cool autumn breeze is brought to you./涼しい秋風を、あなたに届ける。
Language Japanese
Name Akina Leies
Roll Courier, Passenger, Explorer
Base ShanaBei System/Wetherbee Orbital
Second base Apurusia System/Herbig Station
PowerPlay Li Yong-Rui
Allegiance Federation
Supporting PMF Amanogawa Enlight
Squadron Tale of The Bamboo cutter
Favorite machine for each roll

Python/TYPE7(Courier, Mining)

ASPE/DBX(Explorer, Mobile ship)


Federal Gunship(Fighter)


I avoid fighting for more than bounty hunters.

Furthermore, the battle area is only RES-Hard.


Combat Competent
Trade Entrepreneur
Exploration Pioneer
Federal Navy Post Commander
Imperial Navy Outsider